Adoption Process

1. Add your name to the waiting list.

2. Fill out the adoption questionnaire.

3. You will be contacted by us shortly, within 48 hours, with information on whether you are a good match*, and information on availability of bunnies.

*If we determine you are not a good match, we will make sure to let you know why. All we want is for our bunnies to go to the best possible homes!

4. If you have been approved, and a bunny is available for reserve, you can reserve a bunny with a 50% non-refundable deposit.

Prices will be listed for each bunny, dependent on gender, coloring, and size of the litter. All the money goes right back into providing the best care for the bunnies at the Sunshine Farm.

5. We will schedule a date and time for you to pick up your new bunny, and provide you with information on how to prepare for bringing your bunny home. 

6. Arrive during the day and time scheduled to pick up your bunny.

This is really important as we are busy here at the farm. We will fill out a brief contract, and you can take your bunny home! During your visit, you will have a chance to see how we setup our bunny room. We not only want to provide your family with a wonderful pet, but we also want to educate on good practices for caring well for bunnies. If you have any other bunnies at home, please let us know. We want to ensure we don’t transfer any viruses to our bunnies. During this time, we will walk you through how we have been caring for the bunnies so you are prepared to do so when you bring your new family member home.

7. You will go home with your new bunny, transition food, and a bunny care sheet.

8. Make sure you share updates with us regarding your new bunny! Tag us on social media, @sunshinefarmny, so we can follow along.