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Welcome to the Sunshine Farm!

On this blog I will share our life with all of you: the highs, lows, lessons learned, projects completed, adventures, and more. You can also follow our farm on YouTubeFacebook and Instagram, and even rent a room at our farm through Airbnb.

A Little Bit About Us:

Hi! We’re Jenn and Chris. After graduating college we got married and decided to live in Rochester, NY, where Chris grew up. Our first year married we lived in the city of Rochester with two adopted cats and a golden retriever pup. During that time we made a big life change and adopted a plant-based diet, which meant no more meat, fish, or dairy in our home. In December 2016 we made an even bigger change and purchased a 12 acre property with a little cape cod house, about 30 minutes outside of the City of Rochester.

Meet Jenn: 

Hi Friends! I’m Jenn. I’m 24 and I love to challenge the idea of “normal.” I am a dream chaser, and frequently make decisions that seem crazy to others, but make a whole lot of sense to me. I often get so overwhelmed by the cuteness of animals that it just makes my heart sing. I love espresso drinks, and get so excited when Starbucks releases a new drink that is dairy free. My body says it doesn’t like gluten, but my mind says otherwise, I have the hardest time not eating it… I enjoy listening to true crime podcasts, sleeping in way past when I should, and finding new adventures and hobbies. I love all things creative: music, photography, art, design, but I rarely invest fully into one of those things as I enjoy dabbling into a little bit of everything. I am also fiercely passionate about social justice, and love to challenge stereotypes and norms that we create. At the end of the day, I like to question everything, and focus in on what God wants for me and my life, instead of listening to what the world says I should be doing.

Meet Chris: 

Chris grew up in the Rochester area with an animal loving family. Chris is incredibly handy. He always impresses me with his ability to complete any kind of project. He is also a lover of all puns, he will find any opportunity to make a pun, and it’s very frustrating to him when I don’t acknowledge them. He loves music, he is always finding the next album for me to listen to. He also demonstrates his loyalty through his ongoing support of the Buffalo Bills, who are always disappointing their fans. You will often find him on the couch with two cats snuggling on his lap, he is absolutely enthralled with our cats. He is the most incredible man, and I could not be luckier to call him my spouse.

I hope you enjoy this blog, following our adventures, and learning more about our life. We are so thrilled to have you on this journey with us.