Holland Lop Bunnies

At the Sunshine Farm we have a pair of Holland Lops. Our bunnies are played with and handled daily. They have large solid floor cages, are litter box trained, and have been exposed to both dogs and cats. They are friendly, curious, and playful. They live in the house with us, and we spend a lot of time getting to know their personalities. Please check out our bunny care page to learn about how to care for bunnies.


Poppy is a black otter holland lop doe (female). She came to us a bit shy, but is slowly learning to trust us. She loves treats, her favorites are oats and parsley.


Bo is a silver marten Holland Lop buck (male). He is a small little guy with a huge personality. He is friendly, hilarious, and outgoing. His favorite treats are parsley and banana.