Meet the Animals

The Horses

We have two horses here at the Sunshine Farm, although sometimes I say one and a half. Justin (left) is our miniature horse/pony. He is one inch too tall to be technically considered a miniature horse, but he is a very tiny pony. He is four years old and has a ton of spunk! TJ (right) is our solid Paint horse. He is very sweet, loves people, and is a great riding horse. He is 10 years old.

The Goats

We have four goats, Lydia, Remi, Willow, and Noel (from left to right). Lydia and Remi are twins and are a bit more shy than the other two. Willow is Noel’s mom, and she had her here, right at the farm. You can read all about Noel’s story in a blog post.

The Chickens

I haven’t included all of our chicken in the photos below, because we have twenty two of them! We have two separate flocks of chickens: Silkie chickens, and standard chickens. We have ten silkies, and they are known for their friendly nature and general fluffiness. They are also much smaller, and lay the cutest little eggs. Our other flock consists of ten hens and two roosters. We have Wyandottes, Marans, Easter Eggers, an Astrolorp, Ameraucana, Orpington, and Barred Rock. I made a video about our chickens and the eggs they lay, which you can watch here. 

The Bunnies

We have two Holland Lop bunnies. Their names are Bo (male, left) and Poppy (female, right). Bo is a silver marten-colored bunny, and Poppy is a black otter. They are both friendly, adorable, and a joy to have around. We hope these two will become parents someday soon!

The Barn Cats

The barn cats are our newest additions, and they have been a blast. Sage (left) and Basil (right) are sisters, and they are spunky, adventurous, and very friendly. Learn more about them in this video. 

The Indoor Cats

We have two indoor cats that moved with us to the farm. Because they have always been in an indoor, home environment, we thought it best to keep that the same. Piper (left) and Junior (right) are extremely friendly. They love snuggles, and are very quirky little cats. They are constantly entertaining us with their shenanigans.

The “Farm” Dogs

Last but not least, our two pups, Cali (left) and Teddy (right). Cali is a three year old Golden Retriever. Teddy is a one year old Yellow Labrador Retriever. Teddy keeps us busy with his energy and goofiness, while Cali likes to make cute faces and snuggle in her bed. They both love each other, and love everyone they meet!