We’re Getting a Miniature Horse!

Last week I posted about how Chris and I are starting our search for horses, well we found our first match! This weekend an adorable, 3-year old miniature horse named Justin will be coming to live with us here at the farm. Meet Justin:


Now that this little guy is coming in just a few days, Chris and I have been busy getting our place ready for equine inhabitants. This past weekend we spent most of the day laboring in the yard. Chris has been working on repairing some wooden fencing, and I have been cleaning up the barn (photos to come).

A little bit about the state of our place: the previous owners had 5 horses that all shared one large pasture (about 7-8 acres). Attached to the barn is about a 1/2 acre area fenced in with wooden fencing, while the rest of the pasture is fenced with electric tape and metal posts. The barn has a large overhang that provides shelter to the horses when they are out in pasture. When we first moved in the property was vacant and the barn was in need of Spring cleaning. However, we moved in mid-December, so cleaning the barn in the middle of winter was not happening! This past Sunday I took a broom and a fork and spent hours cleaning the stalls, removing cobwebs, and sweeping out the barn. There is still lots of work to do; however, I think most of the problem is me not being used to caring for a barn. I’m used to living in a house where you don’t expect to see a single cobweb; a barn is a whole different story! I know as time passes I will get used to the overall dirtiness of a horse barn…but for now I will continue sweeping away.

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