Mother’s Day on the Farm

Today we are celebrating Mother’s Day here at the Sunshine Farm. We started the morning caring for all of our animals and then preparing the house to host Chris’ family. Chris’ mom, dad, and sister came over for a Mother’s Day Brunch, and to visit with all the animals. After finishing brunch we went to visit with the three kittens we found in the loft on Friday night.

They are so incredibly cute! All three have blue eyes now, but their eye color will change soon. They love to snuggle! The black and white one is named Panda, we still need names for the other two. After visiting with these three cuties, we went out to see the horses.

We fed these two lots of carrots, gave them lots of attention, and even took a few selfies (Justin’s favorite).

Our other sweet animals were extra cute and snuggly today. We are working with Cali when people come over to reinforce a calm demeanor and ignore excitability. This will help us train her to be a therapy dog. Our two kitties, Junior and Piper, took their usual spot on Christopher’s lap for some afternoon snuggles.

With my family living in California, we weren’t able to spend time with my own mom this Mother’s Day. Thankfully, both my mom and sister will be coming to stay at the Sunshine Farm in just a couple of weeks and I cannot wait! My mom has a big heart for animals herself. She played a major role in nurturing my love for all animals, especially horses; she had me start riding when I was about 4! Sending lots of love and appreciation to my mother on this day. Below you can see my mom, sister, and I on a trail ride, my mom visiting Chris and I in Rochester, and my mom, sister, and I with their labrador, Sadie, when she was a tiny pup.

I hope you all were able to love on your own moms today! And a VERY happy mother’s day to all the mom’s out there, both humans and animals. And to all those who are experiencing hurt and loss on this day, know you are so loved.

My best,


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day on the Farm

  1. Thank you Jenn! Missing you & Chris, but looking forward to my visit in 2 weeks. ❤️Mom

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