Anniversary of the Sunshine Farm! | A Look Back at the Past Two Years

Today is the two year anniversary of when we first moved to the Sunshine Farm. Of course, two years ago it wasn’t the Sunshine Farm, it was simply a cute cape cod style home on 12.5 acres, but it held so many dreams!


It’s funny and crazy to look back at the past two years. When we first moved in, at one point, we were debating waiting until I was done with school to even get a horse at all, which was the whole reason we initially moved to the farm. If that had been the case, we still wouldn’t be adding any animals for another three or so years!

As you all know, we quickly added to the farm, despite our demanding work schedules (and my school schedule on top of that). As impossible as it might seem, we did it, and continue to do so, even through the middle of winter. Over the past two years we’ve added horses, chickens, goats, bunnies, and barn cats. We also added another dog to the mix. We built chicken and goat runs, fenced in new pastures, added on to the barn, renovated our kitchen, and started our first garden.


It’s easy to dwell on all of the things we haven’t done, and long for the days when we can accomplish x, y, and z. Today, in reminiscing and reflecting on the past two years, I am reminded of all that we have, and all that I should be grateful for. It’s a beautiful thing that this farm anniversary always comes just before Christmas. It is such a valuable time to exercise gratitude, and celebrate the goodness and love of God, who deeply cares about the desires of our hearts.


Two years ago, Christopher’s Christmas gift to me was a sign, that said the name Sunshine Farm, est. 2016. One day I had told him I liked the idea of calling our farm the sunshine farm, because it inspired joy, and brightness, in a world that can sometimes be very hard. That’s what animals have been to me, in my own life, a comfort and joy. I hope our little farm can provide joy to the community around us, through the simply moments of collecting eggs, harvesting tomatoes, grooming horses, or watching goats climb and play. I hope that detailing our life through the blog and YouTube channel can provide just a little bit of brightness to your day, and your life.

Two years ago, I had no idea this is where we would be. Who knows what this farm will look like in two more years?! I can’t wait to find out!

That’s all for now friends.

All my best,


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