Exciting News!

If you didn’t catch my Instagram post earlier today you may have missed some BIG news!

See that pretty girl?! Well…we are adopting her! Here’s a little background on this beautiful mare:

Her name is Faelynn and she is a 6yr. old unraced Thoroughbred mare. Currently she is located at Lollypop Farm, a local humane society about 15 minutes away from us. I mentioned Lollypop in a previous post: The Search for Horses. She will be arriving at the Sunshine Farm next Friday morning, May 5th; I cannot wait!

The above photos are from Lollypop’s adoption website

How we made the choice:

So I have been visiting Lollypop VERY frequently (almost every weekend), to visit with the horses and learn about their different personalities. I was especially interested in two of the mares: one of them being Faelynn! After talking with the Equine Manager at Lollypop Faelynn sounded like a better fit for my riding goals. She also mentioned a gelding named Ike that also sounded like a good match, so this past weekend I scheduled a time to officially meet both Faelynn and Ike at Lollypop Farm. During that time I was able to groom, tack, lead, and ride both of the horses, which was an incredibly valuable experience. I knew going into the visit that I was already inclined towards Faelynn, but I am glad I went into the process with a fairly open mind because it allowed me to evaluate important criteria that would ultimately affect both the wellbeing and safety of the horse, myself, and my family. While I enjoyed spending time with and riding Ike, Faelynn’s athletic build and comfortable gaits in addition to her sweet personality sealed the deal for me.


Well if you can’t already tell, I am SO thrilled! It definitely is a dream come true for me. I’m looking forward to sharing more pictures and posts about Faelynn in the next few weeks. You can count on me visiting Lollypop a number of times over the next week and a half while we wait for her to arrive.

All my best,


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