Welcome to the Sunshine Farm Baby Chicks!

Our six little chicks have arrived! At about three days old they are all fluff and so cute! They’re little chirping is both adorable and calming, and I’m excited to watch them grow. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we chose six different breeds of chickens, even so, I am having a difficult time telling their breeds apart.

Here they are when I first picked them up! They have already grown quite a bit since then.

The little yellow one’s name is Lemon, she seems to be shyest one out of the bunch. the black one with a little white on her chest is Penquin, she is definitely the sassiest and most dominant. The black with silver streaks is river, she loves to peck at everything and anything. The black with gold streaks and facial markings is Beyonce, she is just super cute! The one in the left photo above with the black streak down her back is Zoey, she is tiny and adorable, and the brown chick with the green marker on her beak is Cash (lower left photo). So far Cash seems to be the most relaxed, calm one out of the bunch.

Preparing for the chicks took some time and effort in order to make sure they would be healthy, safe, and warm! We purchased a large clear storage container from Walmart, lined it with paper towels, purchased food and water containers, a thermometer, a lamp and bulbs, and starter food. We followed the chick care guide from the Poultry Hatchery where we purchased our chicks. You can rear their care guide here. If you have any questions about raising chicks or about our experience, or if you would like to share your own please comment below or reach out to us!

I hope you all love them as much as we do!


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