Christmas at the Sunshine Farm

Well we have (almost) lived here for one year! Last year we moved in on December 15th… right before Christmas! It was such a busy time full of unpacking, moving furniture, decorating, painting, and just overall crazy making! So this year is the first year we have had actual time to decorate for the holidays. Since we have only been married for a little over two years, and before that we were both in college, we haven’t collected tons of decorations quite yet, but we have at least started!

Today Chris put up the Christmas lights on the house. He did a great job! It didn’t take him too long at all. We kept it simple. Oh how I love twinkling lights at Christmas time. Today I invited a friend over to decorate with me and celebrate the start of the Christmas season. We made homemade hot cocoa (semi sweet chocolate chunks melted over the stove in oat milk, topped with mini marshmallows and coconut milk whipped cream, YUM!), and Christmas sugar cookies (vegan, gf, recipe from Minimalist Baker). The cookies turned out delicious and held together so well despite the lack of eggs as a binder, turns out pumpkin purée works as a really nice binder! Totally recommend the recipe for those with dietary restrictions or if you simply want to provide family and friends with a gf, vegan option! Can’t wait to bring some into the office tomorrow and share with colleagues. I love the Christmas tree we picked out this year. I saw it in the field and knew it was just perfect! We drove to a Christmas tree farm just down the road and cut it down ourselves. And of course, our sweet Cali got to come along for the ride. Two years ago she came with us as a puppy and it has been a tradition since then. Here’s the tree before we added the ornaments: And now today, after some fun decorating! While unpacking ornaments I found this beautiful silver cross. It must have been a gift at some point. Magically, there was a nail already in the wall positioned perfectly over the mantel, love how it sets up the space. I also love our stockings, we bought them on sale from West Elm last year. My friend also gave us a beautiful Christmas stocking ornament that her husband made (he is very talented at embroidery)! Love this little gift and how it looks on the tree. We also have stockings for our indoor critters. The cats share one, lol, while Cali (our golden retriever) gets her own. We found the stocking hangers that spell out “PEACE” at Target last year. Love them as well! This year we also have a second tree upstairs (it’s fake unfortunately) and I decorated this one with our nicer ornaments. Throughout the house we have some small areas decorated as well. One day I hope to have more greenery to use throughout. Love using greenery as decor during Christmas time! We wish everyone a peaceful, joyful, and full holiday season filled with family, friends, and lots of love. Can’t wait to share with all of you pictures of the baby goats on the way! We don’t know how many are coming, but we would appreciate prayers for a safe delivery for our sweet rescues.

All my best,


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