DIY Pot and Pan Rack for Less than Twenty Dollars

Today I want to share with you guys a little DIY project we completed over the weekend using a couple of low cost items from Ikea. It is simple, easy, low cost, and will make our lives so much easier in the kitchen! And if you are like us and you don’t have an Ikea store nearby, you can purchase the items online for a low shipping cost (it was about $9 for us), or you can find similar materials from another retailer. For convenience, below I provided the links for all of the items we used for this fun DIY project.

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What You Will Need:

  1. Wall space
  2. Rail to hang on wall ($10)
  3. Hooks to go on the rail  ($3)
  4. Pots and pans with holes on handles that fit the hooks
  5. Dry wall anchors to support the rail ($3) (if you can’t position the rail over studs in the wall)


  1. Choose your spot: pick a spot that could use some decor. The nice thing about this DIY project is that it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Pick a spot where the pots and pans will be easily accessible when you’re using your range and nice to look at when you’re not using them. The spot we picked was bare, in need of some decor, and conventionally located near our range.
  2. Assemble the rail and add your hooks. Follow the instructions that come with the rail for assembly. You can use one rail and 5 hooks like we did, or if you have more wall space, you can use two rails and 10 hooks.
  3. Check for studs and hang the rail. If you can find studs, great! This will make the job easier. If not, no worries, you will just want to put up wall anchors to support the weight of the pots and pans. These are inexpensive and easy to find. Follow the directions of your wall anchors and the Ikea rail instructions to hang your rail.
  4. Hang your pots and pans. For us, four was more than enough and all we had room for. Pay attention to how you hang your pots and pans. Use a mix of shapes and sizes in order to get the best looking result. We used one pan and three different pots, and I’m happy with how they all look together. Move them around and rearrange them till you find the order you like best.

Before & After: 


The total cost is… about $16! (not including pots and pans). Such a low cost project, I love it! This will make finding, grabbing, and putting away pots and pans so much easier, save needed cabinet space, shorten your overall meal prep time, and add decor to your kitchen. If you decide to add this rack to your kitchen, comment below and let me know how you like it! We would love to hear your thoughts.

All my best,


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