8 Vegan or Vegetarian Homesteading Instagram Accounts to Follow

In the homesteading world, vegans and vegetarians are kind of like buried treasure. Their social media accounts are hard to find, but when you do come across them, they’re never disappointing.

Vegan Vegetarian Homestead Instagram accounts to follow

These 8 accounts touch on a variety of different topics from gardening, to ethical animal husbandry, to permaculture, and farm animal rescue. What is even more wonderful, is that each and every one of these accounts is run by incredible and inspiring women that are so kind, so encouraging, and such a joy to follow.

Here are 8 of my very favorite vegan or vegetarian homesteading accounts to follow on Instagram, in alphabetical order.

Azure Farm

Annette and her husband Jared live on a little slice of paradise in Georgia. They recently added a baby girl to the family and their Instagram stories are always entertaining and full of fun and sometimes unexpected adventures. What’s not to love about their adorable alpacas, vegan meal inspiration, gorgeous garden and scenery, and excellent resources.

Axe & Root Homestead

Angela is a vegetarian homesteader living on a 1775 NJ farm. A former graphic designer, her photos beautifully capture farm life. She shares produce, her two majestic Clydesdale horses, adorable geese, beekeeping, and so much more. She is a talented writer, and is sure to inspire you through her Instagram account!

Deanna of Homestead and Chill

Deanna’s account teaches me new things every day when it comes to gardening, fermenting, preserving, and natural health. She created the most incredible suburban oasis filled with gardens for growing food and bringing in the pollinators. She recently launched a blog that is incredible, and she even raises Monarch butterflies! Deanna is vegetarian, and also shares photos of her feline friends and small chicken flock. With over 145.000 followers, her account is well-loved by all!

Eat What You Sow

Cheryl shares her plant-based homesteading life in BC, Canada. She is a skilled gardener and knows exactly how to turn the garden into delicious homegrown food. On her Instagram account, she shares meal inspiration, lessons from the garden, her sweet ducks and rescued chickens, and so much beauty.

Farm Luxe

Misha of Evergreen Acres Farm has been vegetarian her whole life, and has a huge heart for animals. She lives on a dreamy hobby farm on a small island in WA. On her account she shares photos of her rescued animals, garden to table vegetarian meals, the most vibrant flowers, and of course her abundant garden. On Evergreen Acres Farm there is even a luxury farm stay for farm dreamers who want to getaway.

GIY Organic

Grow it Yourself is run by two amazing women, and guess what?! They’re sisters! These two are passionate about organic gardening and sustainable permaculture. They are so full of knowledge, sharing helpful resources daily on their account. These southern sisters also share their plant-based diet and all kinds of ways a gardener can grow food for their plate.

Jeanie of AJ Wild Way Farm

Jeanie lives in the North just like we do, on a beautiful homestead in New Hampshire. Jeanie is a vegetarian with a big heart for animals. Her account features dahlias, bees, monarchs, horses, chickens, ducklings, colored eggs, and lush gardens. If you love any of those things, you will love her account and the inspiration that she shares.

Wild Heart Farm & Sanctuary

There are a number of incredible farm sanctuaries around the country world. Wild Heart Farm & Sanctuary is certainly one of them. Wild Heart shares not only precious rescued animals of all shapes and sizes, but also permaculture and veganic farming, as the founder works to create an off-grid permaculture farm on the sanctuary grounds. You will love following Wild Heart Farm if you have a passion for farm animals and a love for growing plant-based food. You can also follow the founder’s account, b.wild, for even more inspiration.

By no means is this list exhaustive. There are so many other wonderful accounts to find on Instagram and I would love to hear all about your favorite accounts! Comment below, or send me a message on Instagram! If you’re not already following the Sunshine Farm, you can find us @sunshinefarmny.

That’s all for now friends.

All my best,


2 thoughts on “8 Vegan or Vegetarian Homesteading Instagram Accounts to Follow

  1. Thank you so much for the feature, Jenn. How lovely to be featured alongside some of my favorite accounts, and to discover some amazing new sources of garden inspiration!


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