We Bought a Vintage Airstream Trailer!

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Well friends, we started another exciting adventure! We bought a 1969 Vintage Airstream Trailer, and we will be completely renovating it over the course of the next couple of years. Think we’re crazy? I won’t argue with you on that one.

Time to start renovating a tiny home on wheels!

Watch us pick up our new Airstream and try to get it home!

Meet Sunny

Sunny is a 1969 Airstream Sovereign. She is 31 ft. long (for reference, 31 ft is generally the second largest size that Airstreams have ever been made in.)

Vintage Airstream Sovereign Trailer 1969
Vintage Airstream Sovereign Trailer 1969
1969 Vintage Airstream Trailer Sovereign 31 ft.
1969 Vintage Airstream Trailer Sovereign 31 ft.

Sunny is fully gutted. We bought her this way. On the bright side, she has already had some work done, primarily to her frame. Her axles have been replaced (thank goodness, they’re expensive!), she has a new set of wheels, and the subfloor has been re-done (although it needs some work). But don’t be fooled, we still have plenty of work to do, and it will take us at least 18 months to 2 years to finish.

It may take us a while, but I promise, we will share each step along the way. This is going to be the biggest project Chris and I have ever worked on, and we’re excited to complete it together, as a team. We also know that Airstream renovations are no small feat. They take a lot of money, time, and energy, and we certainly don’t anticipate anything less.

Vintage Airstream Sovereign Trailer 1969

Bringing Sunny Home

Bringing this 1969 vintage Airstream home came with a few considerations. Because she was gutted, there was a risk of the body coming off of the frame while on the road, so it was important for us to use ratchet straps and make sure the frame and body were held together well.

We also had to secure all the windows and doors, and re-attach some components of the trailer. To haul Sunny, we borrowed my in-laws truck for the morning, and they came along with us on a mini-road trip. At the moment we do not have a vehicle to haul the vintage Airstream, but luckily we have a couple years to figure that out.

Curious about our dreams and plans for the trailer? Follow along here on the blog, on our Instagram (@sunshinefarmny), or on our YouTube channel!

We even created a fun new tee-shirt design inspired by this new adventure! You can purchase this shirt in our Teespring store!

Vintage Airstream vneck
Vintage Airstream vneck from Teespring store

Have you ever thought about renovating an Airstream or RV? Tell us about it in the comments below!

As always. All my best,


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1969 Vintage Airstream Sovereign Trailer
1969 Vintage Airstream Sovereign Trailer

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