Gardener Gift Guide | 21 Gift Ideas for the Garden Lover in Your Life

I am so excited to share this gardener gift guide with you! These 21 gift ideas will make your garden loving friend or family member swoon. There are budget-friendly ideas and DIY ideas, there is something for every garden lover on this list whether you are looking for a holiday gift, a gift for a special occasion, or a birthday gift.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, I receive a small amount of compensation if you choose to purchase from any Amazon links.

Gardener Gift Guide 21 gift ideas to buy or DIY for the garden lover in your life

Garden Gifts to Buy

$30 or Less Range

1. Organic Seeds.

Every gardener loves seeds! Here are some ideas for seed kits & collections from two great organic companies. My favorite seed company happens to be Fruition Seeds, which is an excellent company for Northeast growers! MIgardener is great too, and very budget friendly.

Container Garden Collection from Fruition Seeds $19

Maybe the gardener in your life doesn’t have a ton of space to garden. This container garden collection is a great place to start for things that can grow well even in containers.

Fruition Seeds Container Garden Kit
Fruition Seeds Container Garden Kit

Children’s Garden Collection from Fruition Seeds $19

The perfect gift idea for a child who also loves to garden! AKA the coolest kid ever!

Microgreens Collection from Fruition Seeds $19

It can be hard to figure out which seeds are best to use for microgreens. Fruition Seeds put together this awesome to help a gardener get started with growing microgreens. The perfect way to garden all year long.

Homestead Collection from MIgardener $30

These seed packets are so dreamy!

Pizza Kit from MIgardner $7 (out of stock)

Because who doesn’t love homemade pizza?!

Salsa Kit from MIgardener $9

Another great kit idea for any salsa lovers out there.

MIgardener Salsa Seed Kit
MIgardener Salsa Seed Kit

Herbal Tea Garden Collection from MIgardener $9 (out of stock)

Now this is one that gets me really excited! We are starting a tea garden this year, and while I didn’t follow this kit, I do think it would be so helpful to have a kit of seeds that can all be used for herbal tea.

2. Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving $18

Perfect gift for a gardener that wants to preserve their harvests!

3. Garden Markers $22

If the gardener in your life is anything like me, garden markers can help avoid the case of “hmm.. I’m not sure what that is.”

$30-$50 Range

4. Joey Apron by Roo Apron (tool belt style) $38

This apron is the perfect tool belt for a gardener! This was the item on my birthday wishlist this year.

5. Full Roo Apron (with center pouch) $43

The perfect place to store all those seed packets, tools, and even harvests when you’re out in the garden.

6. Garden Hod $47

Go ahead and dream up all the lovely food that will be collected in this garden hod, once your loved one uses it in the garden.

7. Gardening Tool Set $33

Good tools are always helpful in the garden! & these tools are sure to help your loved one be more efficient and stay organized when busy in the garden.

8. The BEST Seed Starting Trays by Bootstrap Farmer $55

Seriously guys.. these are a game changer! And the garden lover in your life with adore them. I am switching over completely to Bootstrap Farmer trays this year.

9. Colorful Grow Bags by Bootstrap Farmer $35

Perfect for container gardening & adding color to a garden. These 7 gallon grow bags can be used for tomatoes, flowers, herbs, and more!

10. Small Dehydrator for drying herbs, fruits & veggies $39

There are a lot of dehydrators on the market, and the prices vary dramatically. I actually received a Magic Mill dehydrator for Christmas & I can’t wait to use it this summer! The one below is much smaller, and costs significantly less.

Trees & Perennial Plants

For the three options below, I recommend visiting local greenhouses or nurseries and looking to see what they have available in the category of perennials.

11. Fruit Tree $20-$50

If you plan to pick up just one fruit tree, make sure it is self-pollinating, like most peaches, or else you will need to do a bit more research on what varieties can pollinate the tree.

12. Rose bush or other perennial flowering plant $20-$50

Roses will cost anywhere from $20 – $50, nothing else says “I love you” like buying your loved one a rose bush that will produce beautiful roses for years to come. I gifted myself a climbing rose this past weekend, and I have to say, it certainly made me happy!

Pink Rose Bush

13. Perennial herbs

Another fun idea is to pick up a collection of perennial herbs, like rosemary, lavender, sage, thyme, oregano, lemon-balm, and mint. I actually did this for a Father’s Day gift for my dad who loves to garden!

Perennial Herbs

Garden Gifts You Can Make |For the DIY-er

Here are some fun DIY ideas to make for your loved one who loves to garden! There are even associated tutorial videos for each of these ideas to make your life a whole lot easier!

14. DIY Seed Starting Station

15. DIY Herb Box

16. DIY Potting Bench

17. DIY Cattle Panel Greenhouse

18. DIY Painted Rock Garden Markers

19. Cattle Panel Arched Trellis $30

20. DIY Wooden Garden Arbor

21. DIY Raised Garden Beds

That’s all for now friends! I hope you can put this gardener gift guide to use for a loved one in your life!

Did I miss anything? Comment below and let me know if you have other gift ideas that I should add to this gardener gift guide.

All my best,



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