Garden Journal & Planner

Do you struggle to stay organized when it comes to planning for your garden? Or maybe you struggle to keep track of everything when the garden is abundant? I have created a garden journal & planner to help you keep track of seed starting, goal planning, weekly logs, and more. 14 templates are included in this printable and fillable garden journal and planner to make your life easier and more fun!

Find it HERE!

The garden journal & planner includes the following templates:

  • Page 1- Cover Page
  • Page 2- 2021-22 Calendar
  • Page 3- Seed Starting divider page
  • Page 4- Seed Starting Schedule template
  • Page 5- Seed Starting Notes template
  • Page 6- Seed Starting Notes second template
  • Page 7- Seed Starting Notes third template
  • Page 8- Garden Journal divider page
  • Page 9- Garden Goals template
  • Page 10- Garden Plans template
  • Page 11- Weekly Garden Journal template
  • Page 12- Seed & Plant Wish List template
  • Page 13- Garden Reflection template
  • Page 14- Back Page

I created two versions of the journal. A more colorful version that is also fillable digitally, and a printer friendly version with an all white background. If you purchase the journal on Etsy, you will receive both versions as PDF’s

Digitally fillable version with colorful backgrounds
Printer-friendly version with an all white background

You can print as many pages as you like! Or you can fill it out digitally and use it electronically without any printing at all.

Find the garden journal and planner HERE! Or PIN it using the images below and save it for later.

PIN it! Save it for later

Garden journal and planner for the garden of your dreams
Garden journal and planner for the garden of your dreams

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